Make creative lamps yourself – get new ideas!

Creative lamps make car cards images original design

Make creative lamps yourself

With the cool autumn days come the cold, dark nights. The sooner the evening dawns, the more you should put on the lighting at home. The usual ceiling lighting leaves much to be desired, apart from whether one lives in a new house or apartment. So, before you turn on the fluorescent lights and the bulbs, think creatively and creative!

There are plenty of chic home-made lighting fixtures that would certainly brighten your home. Here are some projects that you can start with.

Original designs - make creative lamps yourself

Creative lamps themselves make a splendid surface colorful lampshade

Fabulous, Geometric Design - While a design with clean lines and ends is easy to craft, the circular and oval shapes add a twist to the predominantly angular designs.

Extraordinary lamp made by hand over the sheet metal bed

Creative lamps make metal sheet bedroom lamp

Original and innovative

Creative lamps themselves make shiny metal hanging

Supple and stylish are the words that designate this pictured lamp. The metal sheet that covers the radiators becomes a feat in the bedroom. Choose sheets with interesting patterns and intricate neckline design.

Common objects

Creative lamps themselves make a splendid fruit bowl yellow color usual

Convince yourself of how easy it is to make a quirky lampshade like this one out of the usual objects - a fruit bowl made of wire. The exposed light bulb adds an industrial touch, while the light yellow spray paint makes this table lamp look fun and modern.

Round hanging lamp from travel maps

Creative lamps make car map travel destinations

Suitable for the home office

Creative lamps make autokarten glowing flowerpot

In origami style

Creative lamps make recycled cars travel guide

Car tickets offer much more than just a guide when traveling! This hanging lamp by Allison by Zipper 8 Design is made from recycled maps and looks very worldly and global. Craft one for your home office or library, and start exploring the globe.

From pinching on a real landscape to a lamp made of leftovers, there are a lot of home-made lighting solutions that adapt to your tastes and abilities. Which of these projects caught your eye? Tell us your opinion!

        Childhood nod!Creative lamps themselves make childhood figures copper Romantic touch

Creative lamps make knit romantic vintage

Rustic and vintage collected in a table lamps

Creative lamps themselves make vintage romantic lampshade

 Feminine lamp design

Creative lamps make the remainder of the lampshade vintage

Large, round hanging paper lights - origami style

Creative lamps themselves make glossy white hanging around