Create a cool canvas photo gallery yourself – decoration ideas

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Create cool canvas photo gallery yourself - decorate the walls with personal memories

Water. Brush. Canvas. A few more tools and you can make your own beautiful embellishment. All the components for this project can be found in your local craft shop if you do not have one.

This project is about something we all need.

 Everyone has it. Everyone wants to have more of it. Innovations are developed to preserve them. But when we get it, it still seems we are wasting it and losing it. Although it is an invisible concept, there is so much evidence in so many ways throughout life. The sun, our faces, beliefs, technology and the list goes on. Sometimes we are able to capture this deceptive creature only through the lens of a camera.

 Beautiful, effective canvas Make photos yourself in a few steps

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But what if we could make our own canvas gallery at home by using some basic materials and turning the bare walls of our house into a time landscape that makes daily trips on a time machine possible.

Make cool canvas photo gallery yourself

 Here's how you can design your own time machine in the form of an art gallery. The main character of this project is your imagination. If you follow all the instructions below, you will be presented with a beautiful picture, but to capture all the benefits of our time machine, you must raise your imagination to HIGH levels so that you add the missing sounds, scents, and other ingredients that are missing here become.

Cool canvas photo gallery itself make steps tips

 1. Print your picture on an 8 ½ "x 11" piece of plain white paper. Do you remember the little tool in any simple photo editor? To the button, Horizontal Flip '? Well, that's what will happen to your picture, so keep this in mind when choosing your special pictures.
Second Use a good quality brush so that the bristles do not come loose. Apply a thick layer of gel over the entire surface of your 8 "x 10" canvas boards. This substance can be found in many craft shops and like all products, they are available in many brands.
3. Gently press the photo. Let it pass through. (Continue with a second DIY project of your choice, a canvas to look at, covered in gel and provided with a black and white image will never be boring.)
4th Go back to work. Spray water with a spray bottle on the picture and rhinestones of medium size. Next, just start rubbing your fingers against the surface of the paper until it starts to look like a food sticker on a plastic container that has survived a journey through the dishwasher. (Hmm, when I see this written down, I realize that I can not always convey the pictures and words that float in my head as readable text for my DIY friends.)
5th Carefully remove all the paper until your image is exposed. It requires patience and requires understanding of good and healthy chaos. Attention: intensive and excessive rubbing can cause unwanted removal of the image! The image will be transmitted incompletely, which will spread an old-fashioned atmosphere.
6th Apply one last coat of gel as a protective shield. Give this painting enough time to dry, and then press the 'Open' button as if we are in the shop. Now we can enter our time machine, which will transfer us to our gallery wall, otherwise known as the living room, which will hold the time for us for a few short moments.

Easily and effortlessly, you could make such a work of art yourself and give it to your beloved

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7th  Give it to us! This is a homemade project that you will proudly present. Give those you love a chance to stop time with a picture that will last a lifetime. Be sure to do something good for those in the DIY world by helping them dress their walls in beauty while they would not normally do that! Time travel is not so unattainable right now, right?

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