Salad Ideas with which you can spend your summer full and slim

Salad Ideas with which you can spend your summer full and slim


Only those who have eaten salads of various kinds often know that the salads can be real satisfiers. They are the best for the summer. If you do not trust us easily, but want practical evidence, try at least some of the following combinations. We guarantee that you will be full of energy and full of satisfaction.

Healthy nutrition through fresh salads

Salad ideas healthy food salad with guacamole

Various variations of Greek salad

We start with something we think everyone should be familiar with. The Greek salad perfectly combines vegetables with protein-rich products. With some bread you will surely be saturated and you will be supplied with vitamins and minerals, wishing you enough energy.

Greek salad

Salad ideas healthy food greek salad

Poultry and avocado

There are wonderful recipe ideas that combine poultry and avocado together. These have many variations with rocket or other leafy greens.

Hänchen avocado salad with cherry tomatoes

Salad ideas healthy food salad feta cheese

Chicken salads with citrus fruits

Tomatoes are usually very good for poultry. However, we can add some spice with citrus fruits and replace the tomatoes with mango, for example. With a suitable dressing, you will achieve an incomparable bitter-sweet taste.

Exotic salad with mango

Salad ideas healthy food salad with mango

Prepare your favorite salad and make a healthy change 

Which is your favorite salad? You may be able to change something small to make something new and healthier. For example, you can add a new oil type and add fewer finished products. So your salad tastes quite different and provides you with more valuable nutrients than before.

Mix fruits and vegetables and season with a delicious dressing

Salad ideas healthy food preparing salad

Green vegetables and quinoa

The combination of green vegetables and quinoa will be perfect for any detox cure. For example, kale would be a great fit. This salad is filling at the same time and thanks to different oils can always taste a bit different.

Quinoa - an important ingredient for your salad 

Salad Ideas Healthy Diet Healthy Weight Loss

Fruits and lettuce

Another salad, with which you have great chances to get full, is this made of fruits and lettuce. We would recommend mustard dressing, but there are other dressings that you can experiment with without doing anything wrong.

Season with orange juice

Salad ideas healthy diet güner salad with seeds and orange juice


Chickpeas are the perfect accompaniment to most salads and are real satisfiers. Try to stomp them if you want them to be easier for digestion.

Add chickpeas to the salad

Salad ideas healthy food Spring salad with chickpeas and berries

Brown rice

Have you tried salads with wholegrain rice? They are excellent satiety and can quickly rid your body of the toxins especially in the summer.

Whole grain rice salad - a healthy satiety

Salad ideas healthy food Chickpea salad mixed

Spinach, fish and avocado

If you feel energyless and really hungry, you should not eat anything that is heavy in your stomach, especially in the summer. You should rather think of a salad combination that will provide you with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A healthy "bomb" of this kind is a salad with fish, avocado and spinach.

Salad with fresh spinach, salmon and avocado

Salad ideas healthy food salad with avocado salmon and quinoa

Asparagus and nuts

Do the asparagus salads taste good to you? This is actually a very healthy choice. We would continue to add different nuts. This dish is filling and gives us a lot of energy. So you can eat this salad well for lunch.

Asparagus salad with nuts

Salad ideas healthy food asparagus salad with capers

Red beans

The red beans are a popular ingredient for salads. They must be eaten at least once a week. They should have lunch because they give a lot of energy and in the evening they are a bit heavy for the stomach. They taste very good in combination with carrots and tomatoes.

Combine different types of beans

Salad ideas healthy food bean salad

You can make a list of salads based on the above combinations. Then you can do them each time in a slightly different variation. So you have something new for the summer, which keeps you slim and energizes you at the same time.

 Other delicious salads to eat

Salad ideas healthy food avocado tuna salad

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