Drink vegetable juices regularly and live a healthy life

Healthy Living with More Vegetable Juices in the Menu – Part 2


In the first part, we gave you the benefits of a range of healthy juices. We’ve already written about green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomato and cucumber juice, and demonstrated the benefits to our health of consuming them. We will continue with two other types of vegetable juice. We pay more attention to them because they are especially healthy. They will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to live healthy? Get power from nature!

Healthy life vegetable juice beetroot juice healthy diet


If you drink beetroot juice regularly, you are clearly living a healthy life. This juice promotes the formation of erythrocytes in the blood. It’s about the so-called red blood cells. This is the best way to improve your blood condition. It contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and many more.

The most important ingredient in beetroot is betaine. This is a substance that resembles the vitamins, but can not be found in any other vegetable variety. The beetroot juice is good for those who want to strengthen the endurance of their own muscles.

Beetroot juice protects against free radicals and cardiovascular problems. The recommended dose is half a glass.

 Freshly pressed beetroot juice

Healthy live vegetable juices beetroot juice

A healthy elixir for your body

Healthy life Drink beetroot juice

Real celery

The real celery is another very healthy plant. It can be consumed in the form of vegetable juice. Unfortunately, very few people know that. This drink tastes very good to many people.

There is a unique combination of phytochemicals and vitamins C and B. These have a strong encouraging effect, especially in the summer heat. The effect, unlike that of energy drinks, is not so short. Regular consumption of celery juice improves your memory and protects you from dementia.

Celery juice tastes very good. Have you already tried it?

Healthy live celery juice healthy diet fresh juices

These are just a few of the many examples of healthy vegetable juices! You can also experiment with many others. With the right mixes, you can also find a balance in the taste that you may not like.

Prepare healthy vegetable juices regularly at home and drink

Healthy life vegetable juice healthy diet fresh juice

Carrot and tomato juice dominate in the healthy drinks and they make other vegetables less obtrusive in their taste.

Delicious tomato juice

Healthy life tomato juice healthy diet fresh juices

The vegetable juices, similar to those made from ripe fruits, should be enjoyed right after they have been squeezed out. Their healthy ingredients are quickly lost if not consumed immediately. An exception is only the beetroot juice. This should stay in the fridge for about 2 hours before consumption.

Attention: Do not drink the juices too often and not in too large quantities! You can not replace your well-balanced usual diet.

Enjoy vegetable juices directly after squeezing

Healthy living carrot juice healthy diet fresh juices

Only the beetroot juice should remain in the refrigerator for about 2 hours before consumption

Healthy life beetroot juice delicious and healthy vegetable juices

Vegetable juice from cucumber, parsley and spinach

Healthy live green vegetable juices cucumber parsley spinach

Mix different vegetables according to your mood

Healthy life celery juice healthy food beetroot juice

Grapefruit juice for breakfast

Healthy living healthy food refreshing drinks

Soft drinks in summer – watermelon juice
Healthy life watermelon juice healthy diet fresh juice