Coconut Oil Effect: Combat the plaque with coconut oil

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Coconut oil fights the plaque and cares for your teeth


The plaque causes the greatest damage to our teeth. It is caused by a bacteria that lives in the plaque. The plaque is a sticky substance that forms on the teeth. There are many medications that try to stop their training.

However, scientists are not satisfied with previous results. They are looking for other, more natural means by which we can combat this harmful bacteria in our mouth.

Is coconut oil healthy?

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Do you know the effect of coconut oil?

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How can the coconut oil help us?

After some research, it has been proven that coconut oil destroys the harmful bacteria Candida albicans. It causes most dental diseases. It can also cause problems with the gastrointestinal system. After a closer look, the scientists found that a certain type of coconut, modified with enzymes, can replace the existing chemical dentifrices.

Coconut oil destroys the harmful bacterium Candida albicans

coconut oil healthy health tips coconut oil effect

Healthy and beautiful teeth by coconut oil

Coconut oil effect is coconut oil healthy white teeth

The lead scientist of this study is called Dr. Damien Brady. He stresses that the bacteria are often overlooked as the cause of dental problems. For this reason, the development and dissemination of natural methods to combat them is of fundamental importance.

How healthy is coconut oil for your teeth and gums?

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Can we just use coconut oil for our dental care?

Yes, that helps too! Just take a small spoon and smear it on the toothbrush. A few times a week you should brush your teeth with it. Not only will you fight the bacteria, it will also make your teeth whiter.

Brush your teeth regularly with coconut oil

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The results of the research of Dr. med. Damien Brady has also been confirmed by other studies. One of these was published in one of the African Journal of Microbiology Research's 2008 editions, which noted the remarkable reduction of bacteria as a result of coconut oil treatment.

Healthy and white teeth

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The coconut oil also has a healthy effect

Coconut oil effect is coconut oil healthy health tips

Also, take care of your hair with coconut oil

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