The many delicious seafood species take care of your health!

Healthy and delicious - fish and seafood

The fish and the various types of seafood are associated in most cases with the sea wind and sunshine, the hours of beach walks and the hot summer feeling. The seafood that is popular with young and old around the globe is considered to be delicious, but at the same time healthy and nutritious delicatessen. In Japan, on average, people live the longest - given that their eating habits and eating interests are mainly determined by fish and seafood, rice and soya, this statistic provides the greatest evidence of the seafood's high nutritional value. The Japanese eat 50 times more fish, 17 times more rice and 3 times more grain than the Europeans. In addition, one sees the seafood as a diet food - 2 times less calories contains the Japanese cuisine compared to the daily eating plan of other nations. In recent years, researchers have discovered fossilized mussel shells in a cave in southern Spain. From this, it was concluded that even Neanderthals, such as Homo sapiens, fed mostly meat as well as meat, more than 150,000 years ago. Amazing enough, or ...?

Seafood Species - what do you know about seafood?

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The seafood is quite rich in many vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals - they contain almost as much protein as the meat but are lower in calories. In addition, all seafood species contain numerous antioxidants, important amino acids that accelerate the metabolism and are therefore easily and quickly processed by the organism.

The seafood provides you with the irreplaceable omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids and has high levels of vitamins A, D, E and B, calcium and iodine. The zinc helps the skin to hydrate on hot summer days. The seafood protects the organism from chronic pneumonia and viral infections and has a positive effect on the immune system.

Come close to the marine world!

Only lemon, garlic and parsley are needed to prepare seafood to create a unique taste that will not be forgotten long afterwards. If you add a dash of vodka or white wine while cooking, you'll get the sometimes heavy smell of the sea away! But what exactly is the best variety of seafood you can taste?

Seafood species - Scallops are distinguished by their exquisite taste!

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  • Shellfish are among the most popular seafood specialties and are the second seafood from the world's most recovered and taken out seafood (after the oysters). Around 25,000 species of mussels are known to the world, with the most popular being the Black Bean Shell and the White Shell. And what can we say about the famous scallops? Without them, French cuisine would have long since lost its unmistakable charm! But how was the name of this shell type shaped? In the Middle Ages, pilgrims collected shells from the beach on the Way of St. James and hung them on their clothes as proof that they had actually visited the holy place. The mussels now inhabit the seabed 5 to 40 meters deep in the water on the Atlantic coast of France and Spain.

Crayfish can be purchased at any time in the trade and prepare delicious

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  • crayfish are available throughout the year through the trade - both fresh and frozen. These seafood are rich in phosphorus and iron.
  • oysters should be subjected to a thorough cleaning with a brush before their consumption - first wash, then open with a sharp knife and finally wash the meat pretty well again. These seafood taste very good, even if you consume them rough with a little lemon juice. They are a real delicacy, in addition, they are considered an aphrodisiac!
  • More than 2000 kinds of shrimp we know today. The largest specimens are the Dublin Bay prawns, followed by King Prawns and tiger prawns, which are the most common in Germany. With little garlic, white wine and olive oil you can turn this seafood into a first class dish. However, the careful cleaning before cooking is mandatory here and should not be underestimated!

Seafood species -

Shrimp can be prepared quickly and leave an unforgettable aftertaste in the mouth!

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  • Of the lobster is the largest cancerous creature - about 163 species are known to the world. These seafoods feel pretty comfortable in cold water. In Canada, the biggest lobster in history was taken out of the ocean - weighing in at 20Kg and more than 100 years old, it enchanted and amazed the whole world! Always choose the largest lobster on the market to enjoy more of their delicious meat.
  • squids inhabit the tropical lakes and are a preferred marine delicacy.
  • The preparation of octopus is a real challenge for the inexperienced cook; First you have to cook these seafood, then you could either fry or bake them - it all depends on your own taste!
  • The sepia prefers the warm salty seawater; Before cooking you have to put them in marinade.

Seafood Species - Oysters must always be cleaned

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With a bit of lemon juice you could also enjoy the rough consumption of oysters

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Seafood species - lobsters are pretty tasty

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Experiment with the recipes and prepare different ones Seafood dishes too

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Seafood species - the seafood is popular with all ages

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Squids can be sliced, breaded and roasted

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Sea fruits types - octopod salad 

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Spaghetti with seafood is offered everywhere

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