Kinderriegel Torte – a smart gift idea for the perfect birthday party

Children love sweets! Nobody can dispute this. Especially chocolates and chocolates are at the top of the list. Of course, also planning for children's birthday. No wonder that an original Kinderriegel cake is the undisputed highlight at the party. Such a home-made birthday cake is perfect as a creative birthday present and ensures a guaranteed WOW effect. Today we have a very simple recipe for the basis of the Kinderschokolade Torte, which you can whip up to your heart's content with children's bars and sweets. Our image gallery will give you an extra dose of inspiration and help you craft the birthday cake.

For the simple cake you do not need any confectionery experience and even no oven. Yes, understood correctly! Because this Kinderriegel cake is prepared without baking. So, you only need the ingredients listed below, a few bowls, a cake pan, a blender and possibly a food processor.

Delicious kids bar cake without baking

kids bar pie children surprise duplo chocolate eggs cake baking


The ingredients:

  • 300 g wholegrain biscuits
  • 150 g unsalted butter
  • two packets of Philadelphia, each 280g
  • 100 g of powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 250 g children's chocolate
  • 300 ml of cream
  • 13 children's bars (children Bueno)

For the ornament:

  • some whipped cream with high fat content
  • 3 children Bueno Riegel
  • 50 g of melted milk chocolate
  • chocolate sprinkles

If desired, you can use even more children's bars for the decoration of the cake

child bar tart tinker child chocolate

The preparation:

First, melt the butter a little and put the wholegrain biscuits in the blender. Mix for about 30 seconds at the highest level and then fold in the butter. Mix the biscuit-butter mixture briefly and pour into the cake pan. Press gently with a tablespoon and smooth until the actual cake bottom is formed.

Melt the chocolate in another bowl or saucepan with constant stirring and light heat. Add Philadelphia, Powdered Sugar and Vanilla Extract to the food processor and mix until uniform. Add the melted chocolate and the cream and continue to stir with the food processor. After the mixture has a nice creamy texture, divide the 13 children's bars into pieces and add them all together. Stir briefly with a spoon, so that the delicious children Bueno pieces stay whole.

Distribute the resulting mixture on top of the cake base and smooth it again. Go to the ornament. Using a piping bag, spray the melted milk chocolate onto the cake in strips. Place the whipped cream in bonnets on top and arrange with the remaining pieces of Kinder Bueno and the chocolate sprinkles. And…. Voilà!

Bon Appetit and celebrate with us!

Creative chocolate bar cake as a delicious gift idea for a birthday

Bar with pie and cream without baking

Nutella is also excellent for the glaze

nutella children preparing bueno children's bar tart

Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs are a recommended addition

barn pie pie nutella duplo kinderbueno

Some of the treats can also stay packed

children bueno hippos tinker pie tinker

tartlet pie tinker child birthday

Use fresh strawberries as a gorgeous ornament

strawberry brownie kids bar pie

chocolate cake kids bars pie strawberries

Or do you prefer dark chocolate?

birthday cake kids birthday gift idea kids bars pie

tart tart with dark chocolate

Birthday cake in the shape of a children's Bueno chocolate bar

children bueno children bar pie tinker

kids bueno white kids bar tart gift idea

The cult candy is interpreted as a pie

children bar tart ideas child birthday plan

child bar pie child birthday celebrate craft idea

Children's bar decoration also for the delicious cupcakes

kids birthday ideas kids bars cupcakes

A true piece of chocolate artwork for a birthday

tartlet tartlet praline biscuit tart nut

Give the DIY Kids Chocolate Bar Tart more color and structure!

bar of chocolate pie chocolate eggs dark chocolate

Original cheesecake with kids Bueno framed

delicious kids bar tart tinker child birthday

Candied nuts and whole kids country bars as pie decoration

creative bar tart tinker kids chocolate

Your imagination and creativity are simply limitless ...

creative birthday gift chocolate cake kids bar tart

Have fun and a good luck!  

chocolate eggs kids chocolate kids bars pie tinker