Making pancake dough – basic recipe and other delicious ideas

Pancakes for breakfast are undeniably a good start to the day, especially on weekends, right? What do you mean? Do you also like to start a nice lazy day with a few pancakes with chocolate?

For us personally, the globally popular breakfast recalls the summer holidays and the carefree days of childhood, when Grandma's pancakes were our favorite breakfast. Today, not much has changed, only the pancake recipe we should master ourselves. Luckily, pancake dough is not that hard to prepare.

Prepare delicious pancakes 

Pancake dough recipe breakfast simple recipes

It's that easy ... To prepare the pancake batter for 2 portions (about 16 pieces) you need the following ingredients:

♦ 300g of flour

♦ 500 ml of milk

♦ 4 eggs

♦ a pinch of salt

♦ some frying fat - butter or oil

Here's how it's done: Put the flour, salt and milk in a bowl and mix well with the blender.

Then add eggs and mix all ingredients to a smooth dough. The ready-made pancake batter can rest for 20 minutes. Heat some fat in a pan, switch the temperature down and bake the dough golden-yellow on both sides.

Pancake recipe

Pancake dough recipe ingredients milk eggs butter flour salt

And voila!

Pancake dough basic recipe and inspirational pictures

Pancakes are prepared quickly and can be combined with many ingredients, e.g. Spicy with cheese, ham, spinach or mushrooms and sweet with honey, chocolate or berries.

Pancakes with jam prepared in the Swedish style

Pancake dough basic recipe simple recipes Swedish Pancakes

Galileo reveals the secret of the perfect pancake batter for you. With these simple tricks, the pancake will succeed you perfectly ...

Pancake dough without lumps - the secret of the perfect pancake

Add 2 tbsp sugar, 4 tbsp cocoa powder and 1 tsp vanilla sugar to the pancake batter recipe (top) and you will get a sweet brown mixture and as a result you will have chocolate pancakes that you can combine with nutella and berries. Tasty right?

Making chocolate pancakes

Pancake dough basic recipe with chocolate

Delicacy - chocolate pancakes with banana, blackberries and pomegranate

Pancake dough recipe black pancakes with chocolate

Pancakes with strawberries

Pancake dough recipe pancakes with strawberries and chocolate

With cream and raspberries

Pancake dough recipe pancakes for breakfast raspberries

With lemon and powdered sugar

Pancake dough basic recipe with lemon

Funny ideas: American pancakes in heart shape 

Pancake dough recipe heart shape American pancake

As we mentioned earlier, the pancakes are a very popular food around the world. And clearly they are prepared with certain differences in different countries and sometimes named with different names. The American pancakes or pancakes are smaller and much thicker, but also just as delicious.

American pancakes with honey and berries

Pancake dough recipe to prepare american pancakes

How to prepare American pancakes, you will learn from the following video. Stay with it and experiment in the kitchen. We have other delicious pancake recipes for you ...

Fluffy pancakes American style

American pancakes

Pancake dough recipe american pancakes with berries

Combine with strawberries and honey

Pancake dough recipe american pancakes with strawberries

For breakfast or as a dessert?

Pancake dough basic recipe with honey pancake american

Pour with honey 

Pancake dough recipe american pancakes with honey

Healthy pancakes with kale can also be served as a main course

Pancake dough recipe Pancakes with kale and marmalade

Pancakes of Dutch style

Pancake dough recipe dutch pancakes

With avocado and cherry tomatoes 

Pancake dough recipe pancakes with avocado

Pancake batter with vegetables

Pancake dough recipe pancakes with vegetables