Stone slabs in the garden – useful advice for the exterior design

Stone slabs in the garden and tropical vegetation

Stone slabs in the garden - useful advice for landscaping

Frame a patio area in the garden, build a path there and make a pit band ... Learn more about handling stone slabs

Certainly the stone slabs are a material that can be used in different contexts.

But there are so many different types, so you'll probably have to ask the seller some questions before you go shopping. Which amount do you need? Why are there so many different prices? Can the stone slabs be used without professional skills?

We are happy to help with some advice, but you should ask the local experts anyway!

Practical considerations

You sell the stone slabs on kilograms and not per piece. The price depends on the type of stone.

Narrow paths and stacked stone slabs

Stone slabs in the garden narrow paths and herbs


You can buy the stone slabs with different thicknesses. The type of use must be taken into account. In most cases, you prefer to use the thicker versions, because you can use them without mortar. The thinner ones would just break too easily.

How to pick the right stone slabs

If you want to use the pieces with mortar, then these can not be too big either. Otherwise they had to be at least 60 cm wide.

The flagstones are often organized by form and packed in pallets. Ask the dealer if you can choose pieces from the different ones.

How much do you need?

You have to calculate the area to be covered. The seller should be able to determine the used amount!

Spacious terrace to celebrate and relax

Stone slabs in the garden Spacious summer terrace

The use of stone slabs

 The flagstones are the perfect material for creating different areas in the gardens. You can lay the stone slabs on sand. Then you can fill the joints with gravel. So you would achieve a decidedly "casual" look.

However, you need concrete or mortar for a sustainable look.

Under no circumstances should you simply place the flagstones on the floor and fill the joints. That's the way they would break.


You simply have to lay the stone slabs on top of each other. On the surface you should insert a stone with a comfortable surface to sit on.

You can install low seats like these on the corners of the terraces or around a fire pit

Stone slabs in the garden stacked in round shapes

But in my opinion, the best way to do this is to leave the work to the specialists.


Steps made of flagstones in the garden create a very organic, natural look. This can be very durable if you have built it the right way. Only with very big and thick stones can simply lie down on each other. You usually need to use mortar.

At this point, great security is announced. Under no circumstances should anyone slip here.

Successful dry laying

stone slabs in the garden stairs medicinal herbs

Massive quarry stones and sturdy flagstones

stone slabs in the garden sturdy stairs

retaining wall

These are suitable if you have a tendency in the garden, or if you want to mark an area for more drama.

If you want to build over 1 meter high wall, you will probably need the help of a garden architect.

Small wall, lots of mulch and subtropical plants

stone plates in the garden mulch subtropical plants

garden paths

This is the first idea in the minds of many people when it comes to the use of stone slabs. In this case the same rules apply as in other places. The smaller flagstones need mortar and the others - not necessarily.

A juicy natural joint technique

stone plates in the garden juicy grass red plants

You can also rely on a mosaic-like design. Run once on the way to ensure the good quality of the installation. If you do not use mortar, fill in the gaps between them with mulch, shot or plants.

After the rain the stone slabs look even more beautiful

stone slabs in the garden beautiful curves much mulch

fire holes

Who does not like the fire pits in the middle of the entertainment rooms. Such are the terraces in the garden. The stone slabs will give them a very natural and organic appearance. Inside you need a refractory material and on the outside a surface of stone slabs and mortar.

Rocky round - the fireplace is already finished

stone slabs in the garden round fire hole

Do you want to make something of stone slabs in your garden? Surely this is a good reason for home improvement. But put on the stairs, the wall and especially for the fire pits on the professional help! Your health is worth much more than the slightly higher expenses!

A stylish, rustic ambience with folding armchairs and wooden wheel

stone slabs in the garden simple rustic atmosphere

Stylish staircase with metal railing - Design by Sunny Hills Landscape, Inc

stone slabs in the garden of sunny hills landscape inc