37 Cool lamps that consist almost entirely of light bulbs.

37 Cool lamps that almost exclusively consist of light bulbs

Cool lamps by Deko Idee Apfel Strauss

Do you think that there are also such lamps that consist almost entirely of light bulbs? If you were in an industrial area, then you've probably already noticed that horrible lamps, which consist almost entirely of light bulbs, are actually quite common there. You can buy such bulbs in large quantities, and then make something out of it yourself.

You just need elegant light bulbs or just a bit of creativity to do that. We have collected some cool examples of these lamps for you to inspire you. In the pictures below you will also find interesting ideas for your floor, or for pendants, walls and very different types of lamps. Just enjoy the pictures!

Simple yet interesting idea Simple yet interesting idea we all see here

Cool lamps in a cool room Cool lamps in a cool room

Cool lamps in a beautiful living room Cool lamp in a beautiful living room

70 modern, innovative luxury interior ideas for the living room

Cool lamps idea in a pub in Germany  Cool lamp idea in a pub in Germany

Nautical living room design by Roche Bobois

Simple from wood, but looks stunning Simple wood but looks stunning

Beautiful living room design by Cattelan Italia

A cool suggestion this time in green

A cool proposal in green

Guest Living Room Interior by Rawlins Calderone Design

Cool lamps down from the roof

Cool lamp from the roof down

Simple idea that actually looks very nice

Simple idea looks very nice

Enchanting idea for room decoration - Cool lamps

Glamorous idea for room decoration

Simple yet interesting idea 

Simple yet interesting idea

A patio design can look like this too

Patio design can also look like this

A lamp proposal for you

A lamp inception proposal

A bulbs bundle with rope and light bulbs A lamp bundle rope light bulbs

Another unique proposal for you

Another unique proposal you

These lamps are half bright and half dark

These lamps half bright half dark

And another idea

And another idea with the cage

And another idea 

And another idea with even more space

Unique motifs in the bulbs

Unique motifs lightbulb

That's how your office can look like

This way, your office can also fit

Cool lamp Deco idea panorama

The lamps also come in a vintage look

The lamps are also vintage

Cool lamps decoration idea the beautiful

Cool lamp deco idea black

Cool lamps with decoration idea floor lamp

Cool lamp with deco idea in style

Cool pear deco idea floor idea

Cool lamp with deco idea with bouquet

Cool lamps with deco idea in floral shade

Cool lamp Deco idea-different-Forme

Cool pear deco idea many pears

Cool lamp Deco idea-vintage style

Cool lamp Deco idea-white

Cool lamp Deco idea-white bedroom

Cool lamp Deco idea-living room

Cool pear decoration idea with chandelier