Dining room lamps – great examples of hanging lamps and chandeliers

dining room lamps eclectic blue hanging lamps

Dining room lamps - cool ideas for pendant lights and chandeliers

 In our today's dining room lamps collection is mainly about pendant lights and chandeliers. The lighting in the dining room is indeed an important matter. It must correspond to the eating habits of the people. Some people like it lighter while eating, others like it darker.

That's why you have to decide which type of dining room lamp is suitable. Pendant light is not the same pendant light. There are tons of sizes and styles, as you will see below. Depending on the light intensity you want, you can find the right lamps. Do not forget to buy energy saving lamps or LED lights, because you will save considerable energy costs and act in an environmentally conscious way. Particularly popular are industrial-style dining lamps and those with open bulbs. Very often, however, the very modern and extravagant are preferred. Below you will see some of them, such as the mirror-finished, copper-colored pendant lights or those that look like black cylinders.

It's the same with chandeliers - many models and styles. Here you can see a very modern chandelier with a round metal construction, but also one made of deer antler. Everyone has to make their own taste.

 Take a look at everything and hopefully you'll easily find the solution for your dining room. Maybe you also think of another fresh idea. We hope you enjoy watching.

Mirrored, copper-colored dining room lamps

dining room lights coppery globe

Filigree, gilded construction

dining room lights in a branched gold

Numerous soap bubbles - a successful illusion

dining room lights recessed air bubbles

Bowl-shaped and braided

dining room lights flamed bamboo

A colorful Stuhlmux and orange hanging lamps

dining room chairs mixed chairs orange lamps

A metal globe with tiny lightbulbs

dining room lights geometic circles light bulbs

Different shapes and sizes

dining room chairs striped chairs various shapes pendant lights

Drop-shaped light bulb lights

dining room light bulbs bundle

Fabulous colorful and wooden pendant light

Dining room wooden plates round

Oversized pendant lights in celadon green

dining room lights industrial style celadon green

Deer antlers and artificial candles

dining room chandelier deer scoop

Metal lantern as a chandelier

dining room lantern electric candles

Oriental magic

Dining room lamps moroccan style

Elegant globe made of glass and metal

dining room lights metal construction globe

Drum lampshades in black and gold

Dining room lights minimalist black

Homemade pendant lamp made of mouthblown glass

hand-blown mouthblown balon bottle

Simple retro elegance

dining room lamps retro lampshade

Rustic with open beam ceilings

Dining room lamps Rustic open floor beams

Straight with cylindrical shape in black

Dining room lamps black cylindrical

Transparent glass balls reflect the light

dining room spheres recessed lighting

 The country style meets the industrial style

Dining room lamps oversized white chains

Unpretentious and cozy

Dining room lamps vintage white

dinette lamps white rattan