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Integrated lighting at home - Install your room lighting properly

Do you want to learn to properly assess the need for light in your room? Do you want to determine the correct height of the luminaire and understand the remaining important lighting rule? This article is intended to provide you with valuable help in this regard.

 Our houses seem to blossom like flowers when the right choice of light is made. This success can be achieved particularly well by built-in lighting. These types of lamps help you design a bright room much better than any other fixture. That is clearly our opinion. That's why we dedicated this article to the built-in lights.

Light design is both a science and an art

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Determine the correct wattage!

Do you know a very simple formula for finding out the used light in the room there? Now we will tell you (still) one! First calculate the total area of ​​the room to be illuminated. Then you should multiply the result 15. Now you have the entire wattage for the lighting of the room.

Now a small task: if your room is 5 x 6 meters, then the area inside is 30 square meters! Now you should multiply that 15 times and you get to 450 watts approximately!

The shape of the lighting

The built-in lights with a wide angle are the best solution for the ambient lighting. In some cases, you have to focus on them. So you can get better light through the narrow angles in the case of lighting certain areas.

By using the right shape of the light you can increase the effectiveness

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Determine the right number of lights

Have you already calculated the number of watts you need for your room? How many bulbs do you want to integrate? Divide the used cotton by the desired number of lamps. The result shows you how many watts the bulbs should have.

LED or halogen light

Both solutions can be good, but they need to be aware of their different achievements. The equivalent of a 5 watt LED is a 40 watt halogen light. Normally there is an indication on the packaging.

Distribute the lights right in the room

Not only the number of luminaires and their capacity, but also the correct distribution in the room is essential. Then you have the best effect.

Of course these are just the general guidelines and you have to do without some if the room has a different shape.

It is important that you finally achieve a harmonious atmosphere. You will already feel where you should remove or add one or the lamp.

One meter should be the distance between the lights and also between these and the edge of the ceiling

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Attaching further constructions

If you do not live in the attic, you will most likely be unable to attach lights without risking construction. In this case, you have to set up a hanging structure to integrate the lights there. Such a solution can be seen in the room below.

Regulate the strength of the light

Use the modern additives for the regulation of the light intensity. So you would not waste unnecessary energy and also be able to adjust the light of the mood and the occasion. As a result, the bulbs will last longer.

Disconnect the lights by zones
You may also have a few stations from which you turn on the lights. So you do not always have to turn on all lights at the same time.

Do not you want to illuminate your artwork with the gimbal light?

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Choose a viewpoint

This will be a beautiful focal point in the room. You could experiment with the light until you get the best effect. The cardan lights have the necessary flexibility, because they can be twisted, bent and warped.

The same kind of lights are also very suitable for certain circulation areas. During the installation, you could sit in the chair. So you can see, if you have reached the optimal lightfall. Your shoulder and head should not block the rays of light.

Making the lighting in the bathroom really effective can be a very difficult task

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Mix the lights in the bathroom

Usually you can reach the best results with lights of different types.

The room lights work best in the sanitary areas. Two strong lights should be installed close to the window. The contact areas of the two should necessarily overlap.

You need in the bathroom lamps that are resistant to moisture. So you would avoid unpleasant accidents in the bathroom.

Use lights in the outdoor area, which are intended for damp areas

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Because on verandas and terraces it can already be wet. Because these can be exposed to the rain, the snow and the fog and then you need your safety.

Do you want to make your house brighter? Would you like your apartment to be flooded with light? Then you take the planning of the lights really seriously. Think constructively and find out about all the latest news on the market.

We wish you lots of fun!

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