How can you create romantic lighting at home?

romantic bedroom lighting mirror light colored pink bright

Romantic lighting - ideas and suggestions for your living area

Create a romantic atmosphere at home and pamper your senses!

What should you do to spend countless cozy evenings together with your darling? The simplest way is to light a few candles.

So that you do not feel so limited, we have a number of interesting ideas ready for you.

We think it's very important romantic lighting to create in your bedroom, because it fits best in an intimate and contemplative atmosphere. Here are our 7 examples of how you could easily realize this idea. Do you want to take a look at the photos? Maybe one of the given suggestions fits perfectly in your bedroom?

Light the bed headboard! Here are two different lighting options used - recessed lighting and artistic pendant lights

romantic lighting led mampen bedroom headboard recessed lights

 Romantic atmosphere in oriental style with Moroccan lanterns

romantic lighting residential lighting moroccan lanterns oriental

Floor lamps made of paper in original form on the bedside table

romantic lighting in the bedroom floor lamp made of paper at the nightstand

 Muted romantic light in the bedroom

romantic bedroom lighting muted light floor lamps

You can easily give a romantic touch with a string of lights

romantic lighting in the bedroom fairy lights

 Which is the most romantic color - pink, right?

bedroom romantic lighting bedside lamp pink white

 And a frilly example with rushes and tender pink and lots of natural light during the day

bedroom romantic lighting bed floor lamp pink white shower bedding

 Never leave the stairwell in the dark - small wall sconces could be very handy

romantic lighting hallway hallway led lights candles

 How great is the fairy lights with the pink furniture!

living room lighting romantic lighting fairy lights floor lamps

Do you have a large houseplant that could turn you into an eye-catcher - light it up!

romantic lighting living room lighting dining room lighting up plants

 Candle in glass - a traditional but very stylish idea. The more candles, the better. But you could combine the candlelight with Led lights

living room romantic lighting lighting candles gals

 Candles on the mantelpiece - pure romance!

living room romantic lighting lighting candles fireplace chandelier

The roof terrace carries the romance in itself

roof room romantic lighting light chain colored light bulbs

 Romantic lighting idea to make your own

romantic lighting light itself make a bastel idea

Make gas lamps out of glass bottles and mount them on the wall

romantic lighting light itself make gas lamp bottles

The lighting in the bathroom is just as important as this in the bedroom. These two rooms are your most intimate privacy in your home. Let yourself relax in a cozy romantic atmosphere. The right lighting will help you a lot. Combine different Led lights, set an accent color and add candles as well. Would not the bathroom be a thousand times more pleasant with this lighting?

Bathroom in typical woman's style

bathroom romantic lighting in bath tub pink light

Light behind the free-standing bathtub

bathroom romantic lighting led light behind the bathtub

How could you light up the bathtub?

bathroom romantic lighting in bath tub colored led bar

Candles and flowers in the bathroom are suitable for any lighting and make you even more romantic

bathroom romantic lighting in the bath tub lit candles