Build a bottle lamp yourself: Great instructions and inspirational ideas

Living sustainably also means making sustainable things and not separating us from used objects too quickly, but giving them a second chance. Such as the case with a glass bottle that becomes a bottle lamp. And we really mean all kinds of bottles - small and big, made of beer or wine, transparent or matt, in color ...

To build a lamp from a bottle yourself may sound too complicated at first, but it is not. On the contrary. With the right tools and materials, you can conjure up an original DIY bottle lamp. It is cheap and easy. Try it yourself!

Build original bottle lamp yourself

original diy flashlights from wine bottles

In our picture gallery you will find plenty of inspiration and inspiration. In addition, you'll see below in the video how to cut a glass bottle properly and easily. Did you know that there are not just one, but several variants to cut a bottle out of glass. And which? Learn here.

We'll also list the materials and tools you need to build a glass bottle lamp below.

Simply cut a glass bottle - a video on it:

They basically need:

  • a glass bottle cutter
  • a flat-nose pliers
  • ice cold water
  • hot water
  • waterproof sandpaper
  • a diamond sanding block
  • two large, unbreakable bowls
  • a lamp holder with lamp cable
  • a light bulb
  • and of course an empty glass bottle

Find a special glass bottle cutter

buy glass bottles cutters bottle bottles from wine bottles build yourself

General work steps for the DIY bottle lamp

First, you should precisely cut the clean, empty bottle using the glass cutter in the lower part. Then fill each of the two bowls with ice-cold and hot water and immerse the already cut bottle one by one in one and the other bowl. The large temperature difference causes in a few seconds the complete breakage of the glass and you get the desired glass part.

Cut the glass bottles first

Cut glass bottle properly for flashlight build yourself

The more precisely you cut, the more even the break becomes

make glass bottle cut flashlight yourself

The break edges should be very carefully sanded first with the sanding block and then with a piece of sandpaper, so that the bottle lamp is then injury-resistant. The actual lampshade is thus finished.

Carefully smooth the break edges

grind glass bottle with sandpaper

Basically, the construction of a bottle lamp is similar to the principle of the simple DIY lamp. All you have to do is thread the lamp holder through the neck of the bottle with the cable and insert a light bulb. Voilà!

In this way, you can build as many and as many different bottle lamps from glass bottles yourself. As you've already seen, it's easy and fast. An added benefit: DIY glass bottle lamps are reasonably priced and environmentally friendly. They also give you a sense of satisfaction that goes hand in hand with the original DIY look.

Original chandelier made of wine bottles

build colorful wine bottles as flashlights yourself


Instead of throwing away all empty wine or beer bottles in Altglascontainer, you can turn them into beautiful DIY lamps. To build such an original bottle lamp yourself is a relatively simple and fast matter. Depending on your needs and desires, you can not only make hanging lamps, but also table lamps and even entire chandeliers. Awaken your upcycling spirit and give glass bottles of all kinds a new chance to serve you faithfully and beautify your living environment.

Much craftsmanship and a good luck!

Build modern table lamps yourself

colorful glass bottles diy idea for table lamps

Vintage hanging lamp made of beer bottle

Beer bottle as a flashlight

Summer outdoor hanging lamps in glass

make flashlights yourself from glass bottles

Flashlights with an elegant design

Flashlight self build from glass bottles

Effective bottle lamps without cutting

Flashlight build yourself with bulbs

build green flashlight from wine bottle yourself

round chandelier made of green glass bottles

Chic flashlight from wine bottle

Wine bottles as bottle lights on the table

Retro chandelier from crystal bottles

build flashlights from glass bottles yourself

Innovative lamp design made of wine bottle

Flashlight from wine bottle modern

Transparent wine bottles turn into hanging lamps on the balcony

build flashlight from wine bottles yourself

Depending on the cut you can create different lamp design

build flashlights from wine bottles yourself

Teared glass bottles and larger bulbs for a WOW effect

Flashlights build glass lamps from glass bottles yourself

If desired, you can leave the glass bottles with the original labels

build diy chandelier from glass bottles yourself

Or cut the bottles in different lengths

Flashlights from wine bottles as a chandelier

In the bottle lamps even small lanterns fit in

Flashlights from wine bottles hanging lamps

Single bottle lamp with a nostalgic touch

Flashlight itself make from beer bottles

Glass bottle hanging lamps are simply outstanding in every room

Hanging lamps from glass bottles build yourself

A wooden board or palette as well as metal chains are especially recommended

build chandeliers from glass bottles with chains themselves

chandelier build yourself from bottles of flashlight

Rely on original upcycling ideas for bottle lamps!

Wine bottle as a flashlight with cable and bulb