Designer horse lamp from front – life-size sculpture

designer horse lamp front idea life-size sculpture

Designer horse lamp from front - life-size sculpture

The Horse Lamp by Front is a life-size sculpture of a horse that brings the wild nature in fairytale style and authentic madness in your apartment. An abstraction rejecting and inspired by a living entity, it has an effective emotional value that never fails, and makes a strong impression on the audience.

Who does not want to have such a horse lamp in his apartment? This is one of those pieces of furniture in which you fall in love or hate forever.

Designer Horse Lamp by Front - floor lamp reflects the whole ambience

designer horse lamp front idea black matt floor lamp

Floor lamp with style and matt surface

designer horse lamp front idea wild nature front screen

Chromatic interior of a country style dining area and designer floor lamp as an attractive decorative element

designer horse lamp front idea life-size attractive fairytale

The same floor lamp - horse lamp with silver surface and white lampshade

designer horse lamp front idea life-size silver

Luminaires from front companies whose products are of the highest quality

designer horse lamp front moooi collection collection

The model Light Shade Shade

polyester floor lamp mirror unilateral light shade shade

"Light Shade Shade" is a unidirectional mirror that reflects the entire interior as well as the lights inside, which are hidden. When the light is turned on, "Light Shade Shade" reveals its identity's unique beauty. Material: Semi-reflective polyester screen Lss chandelier: the steel strap with decorative glass beads. Dimensions: screen 187 × 52 cm | 73.6 'x20.5' (hx ø) Photographer: Maarten van Houten.

Shining and reflecting surface

designer floor lamp idea mirror interior original moooi

White stylish staircase and Light Shade Shade as a decorative element to it

design polyester floor lamp mirror staircase moooi

The original and striking model of floor lamp - Moooi

light shade shade screen floor lamp moooi

A real designer artwork

moooi floor lamp light polyester shade shade