Room planner Ikea – Plan your apartment like a pro!

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Room planner Ikea - How to become an interior designer

Setting up a new apartment completely is a demanding task and you may need some professional help. The experts from Ikea have also thought of this and accordingly they offer their customers room planners online that can make the setup process much easier.

Design your living space with the room planners of Ikea

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Are you planning to redesign your whole apartment or do you just want to renovate a specific room? Ikea has the solution for every case. You can easily visualize your project.

All Ikea room planners:

- Pax planner

- Besta / Uppleva planner

- Stuva planner

- office planner

- kitchen planner and kitchen finder

- bedroom planner

- bathroom planner

You could still design your own moodboard. Be inspired and get started!

Bedroom planner at Ikea

room planner ikea bedroom planner

It's about a bedroom finder. First you should decide on a style. The four preset furnishing styles are modern, Scandinavian, classic and traditional. In each category are fully furnished bedrooms to find. Of course, these serve as inspiration. You can change the style at any time, choose new furniture from the Ikea catalog or grab the 3D planner to record your own bedroom - first enter the shape of the room, then the components and then the complete set up step by step Step.

Workroom design with the office planner of Ikea

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The Ikea office planner offers the following options: "Start in a furnished room", "open saved plans" and "from the beginning". The professional services of Ikea are also available.

Ikea kitchen planner

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You can install the kitchen planner on your own PC and then design the dream kitchen yourself in a few steps. Separately, there is also a kitchen finder. This offers help with the selection of the kitchen front. The next step is to determine the kitchen form. The following options are available: row kitchen, L-kitchen, U-kitchen or island kitchen. Then the kitchen design is considered in detail.

Plan your dream kitchen

room planner ikea 3d planner tool

Configure virtual Ikea kitchen furniture in no time 

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Overview of Ikea and other free room planners can be found here

room planner ikea kitchen planner guide kitchen furniture from ikea

Ikea kitchen cabinets

room planner ikea kitchen planner guide online room planner

3D kitchen planner - wall design ideas in green

room planner ikea kitchen planner kitchen island ikea furniture

3D visualization kitchens

room planner ikea kitchen planter kitchen furniture ikea

Ikea Pax Planner - Make the ideal storage option!

room planner ikea pax wardrobe planner online

Ikea room planner in action

Take advantage of the other room planners of Ikea. Read more about free bathroom planners here!