Roof tiles transparent glass of solar energy

The energy-efficient roof tiles of the future

Are you looking for an elegant alternative for your heating system? The innovation of SolTech System already has the solution to your problem. These are the transparent roof tiles made of special glass, which can integrate solar energy into every building. Instead of concrete or clay, these roof tiles are made of glass and in this way the rays of the sun can penetrate to the background.

There is the absorbing surface, which then transmits the solar energy in the form of heat directly into the heating system or into the power grid. A big advantage of SolTech System is that it does not only work on sunny days, but also when it's overcast.

 The manufacturers explain the process in this way:

The glass roof tiles let the sun's rays penetrate and the special material absorbs the energy. Under this material special rays form a column where the air is heated by a patented technology and starts to circulate. This hot air is integrated directly into the existing heating system.

For more information you can visit the official website of the company under SolTech System.

Transparent roof tiles and solar energy

roof brick transparent roof sun energy

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
roof brick transparent innovative glass
Elegant and efficient
roof brick transparent closeups

The solar energy is used optimally
roof brick transparent solar energy
This is how the glass tiles are laid
roof brick transparent lay solar
Innovative elegance on the roof
Roof tile glass energy saving