American fridges are trendy and very practical

American refrigerators for your modern kitchen


Are you interested in American fridges? That would be a good and modern variant for your interior design. We would like to share some interesting ideas with you.

However, before moving on to the pictures, we would like to look more closely at the term "American refrigerators" and some other related terms.

What is an American kitchen? The American kitchen is usually associated with the open floor plan. Is that correct? Yes, but not quite!

Would you like to furnish your American style kitchen?

American refrigerator cell kitchen with open floor plan

"American cuisine" has established itself in Germany as a colloquial term for the open kitchen concept. The real American cuisine but includes much more.

An actual American kitchen may be connected to another functional space. This is not a must.

There is also a very clear separation in the open floor plans. The American kitchens are almost always equipped with a kitchen island. This has all necessary cooking appliances.

The American kitchen is characterized by an open floor plan

American fridges American style kitchen

The expensive kitchen furniture and appliances

The expensive and large kitchen furniture is typical of the real American kitchen. Hence the special models of American refrigerators. They are extra large and mostly double doored. The crash ice function is also a must.

The side-by-side refrigerator is very typical for the American household

side by side refrigerator American fridges

Chic kitchen furniture with red color accents

American refrigerators Husky Red retro refrigerator red

American kitchen in the 50s style

American Refrigerators Retro Kitchen Setup Kitchen Appliances

In recent years, the retro models have prevailed in kitchen design. They are known for their original and colorful appearance. This is usually achieved in two typical ways. You can enrich the neutral kitchen design with a bold color. Alternatively it is possible to add a flash kitchen with a retro fridge, in a nice color like creamy white.

Retro refrigerators in different nuances

Gorenje retro refrigerator ivory American fridges

Put a bold color accent in the kitchen through a red fridge

American refrigerators Servis red

In the retro variants, one refers to different epochs. Mostly it's the 50s of the last century. Do we want to look at some such examples together?

The cult fridge SMEG in white

Retro American Refrigerators SMEG Refrigerator White


The shape is the first characteristic of American refrigerators in the style of retro. The classic version has only one door. For environmental reasons, this concept is interpreted somewhat differently in modern American retro refrigerators. You have a double door, because this variant is more economical in terms of energy consumption.

The design is still very uniform.

Popular is the so-called diner shape, which is slightly different from the other designs.

American retro fridge

Swan retro refrigerator American fridges bright kitchen

American side-by-side refrigerator

Kitchen with side by side refrigerator American fridges

Retro colors

The retro colors interpret the shades typical of the original models in a modern way. They are partly authentic, but always a bit more original and effective than the role models.

Typical colors for the American refrigerators in retro style are orange-brown, light yellow, style cream, ocean blue, pink etc.

Gorenje retro fridge in fresh green 

Gorenje Retro Refrigerator Green American Refrigerators

To express one's own cult for past epochs

The tendency to past epochs is a cult. If you feel the need to express this, then American retro refrigerators are a good option. Some designers have been inspired by some of the concrete iconic creations of the time. For example, SMEG offers a diner-style refrigerator in the cult color Cadillac Blue.

Retro refrigerator and other kitchen appliances in bright blue

American Refrigerators Retro Refrigerator Big Chill Light Blue

Spacious American style kitchen

American kitchen set up practical ideas

American refrigerators 
American fridges side by side refrigeratorblack side by side refrigerator freezer American fridges side by side refrigerator American kitchen ideas
side by side refrigerator with large freezer American fridgesside by side refrigerator American fridges kitchen cabinets whiteAmerican Refrigerators Retro Refrigerator SMEG white side by side refrigerator American fridge bright kitchen side by side refrigerator American refrigerators bright kitchen cabinets wood