Dining table with chairs in the kitchen – Create a cozy dining area

Dining table chairs modern playful

Pleasant meals in the kitchen

The benches or sitting areas that we have designed in our kitchen are small areas where we often have breakfast or supper. Most people use the dining room only for gala dinners, when the host is to receive many guests. That's why you prefer to set up a practical kitchenette in the kitchen.

Today we have 15 stunning kitchenettes that we have selected for you.

Everyone enjoys family reunions at the table, but that can not be impossible if you have no room for a dining table in the kitchen. Design a dining area! It does not take up much space when you attach it to the wall. Check our photo gallery below and see for yourself!

Dining table with chairs in the kitchen

Dinette in the kitchen frame white bench

Here you can see a small dinette in the kitchen, where the built-in seat is positioned under the windows. The light and the seating anchor the room. At the table you could not only eat, but also read books or prepare your homework.

The lighting in this kitchen is simply breathtaking because of the beautiful contrasts of wall and floor colors

Dining room corner in the kitchen decorating rustic kitchen stools

The color and texture are very cleverly integrated by the designers

Dining table with chairs sofa square upholstered patterned

The upholstered seat is definitely popular with family members.

These insertions will make your kids spend more time in the kitchen

Dining table with chairs modern chalkboard wall children's time

Even if you prepare dinner and write your homework, spend your time together. Is not that the most important thing for every family?

This sitting area is embellished with some throw pillows in bold colors and red flowers

Dinette in the kitchen fashion vintage bench built in

The stool under the dinette makes sense - it's simple and vintage, and it goes well with the kitchen design

Dining table chairs modern playful wallsticker lamp

The accessory is purchased from Home Goods by interior designer Gail Brosnan

Dining table with chairs cushions round table

 In our opinion, this choice is really amazing!

The breakfast nook is supplied with plenty of natural light

Dining table with chairs comfortable ambiente

In the storage space underneath you keep on winter boots and clothes on and thus avoids the confusion.

Leather upholstered seat

Dining table chairs rustic solid table bench leather

Indirect lighting - warm and soft

Dining table chairs oriental motifs lighting

Minimalist and cozy

Dining table with chairs factually compact

Dining table with chairs - high backrests

Dining table with chairs high lean orange pads

Vintage and modern at the same time

Dining table with chairs yellow details nature

Very sweet and cute, this dining area is designed and arranged

Dinette in the kitchen frame armchair comfortably shelf cupboard