Tablecloth red – create a festive and original table decoration

tablecloth red festive table decoration flatware plate cloth napkin red

Tablecloth red - festive, cool and unique

Do you have a preference for red elements when decorating? But why do not you even take that shade as an accent color? Some shy away from the cool character of the red tablecloths and others find this style of decoration too festive.

But red carries much more the flair of Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Today we want to show you how to go through red tablecloth can achieve two completely different looks.

Red meets natural beauty

This table setting strategy here is for larger groups. But it can also be adapted for smaller groups of people. The pictures below are from the summer party of a New York museum. This was created by Ron Wendt Design and has become a feast for the eyes.

Summer Party of a New York Museum

tablecloth red festive table decoration restaurant ron wendt design

The red forms the core of the project, but it is not too dominant. It is combined with gray and black chairs and fresh green central pieces. These features are reminiscent of wonderful flower meadows. So red looks clean, modern and awakens the appetite.

Red as an accent color

tablecloth red table decoration stylish floral decor ron wendt design

Even better is the equipment by the shining lights over the heads of the people. These are reflected by the mirror surfaces of the table runners. Do you want to achieve this look at home? Use tomantenrote tablecloths, add one as the centerpiece in fresh green and keep the overall mood clean and simple. Metal pieces and accents ideally complement these shades.

Tomantenrote tablecloths in use

restaurant event tablecloth red table decoration stylish floral decor ron wendt design

Red meets vintage

There is something so culinary at the red shading. It enhances your appetite and when you pair it with crispy white, it just looks super tempting. There is also some vintage style!

Red promotes appetite

tablecloth red festive table decoration dish white red edges

A few years ago, designer Eddie Ross created a captivating festive table that included frosted glass and peppermint. We think that such equipment will stay up-to-date throughout the year. The pairing of red and white screams "vintage." The motifs show candy themes and make your table look delicious.

So bizarre, crispy and stylish!

tablecloth red festive table decoration stylish elegant red white plate cutlery

Has anyone said anything about stripes in candy colors? Red and white evokes associations with the good old days and gives confidence for a good future. Think of circus and carnival tents with such stripes. Punctuate the tablecloth with napkins with red and white stripes for a truly striking look.

Red and white stripe pattern

restaurant event tablecloth red white streamer pattern flowers deco red

Red can also be decadent and glamorous. This table setting here is reminiscent of the style of the weddings of the 30s. You can see many bowls of fruits and other great things here.

This is a pretty elegant way of entertaining, do not you think?

tablecloth red festive table decoration dessert

Red meets youthful joie de vivre

Did we mention that red is the perfect shade for children's tables? The next example will illustrate just that. Here you can see offset name tags with vintage letters. Do not forget the gingham accents. [Farmer's market party according to Hostess with the Mostess]

Red - the perfect shade for children's tables

tablecloth red white checkered original table decoration

The Lollipop table downstairs was great combined with multicolored decorations. So you have supplied the room with more fresh air. Red is the ideal backdrop for vibrant art and accents. This is especially true in cases where children's tables come into play. [Image of Gulnara Studio from Ruffled]

Background for vibrant color accents

tablecloth red festive table decoration plate blue cloth napkin red lollipop

Are you in the mood for a summer look that brings red, white and blue to the foreground? Here you have created a nautical interpretation of this classic color. While the kids are waiting for the food, you could enjoy the art fabric. This is a great kid friendly party place. You should, however, be sure to cover your tablecloth with paper as shown below. [according to Mathieu Photography from Elizabeth Anne Designs]

Summer look in red and white

tablecloth red festive table decoration red white dining table chairs

Are you already dreaming of a heavy dose of red in your home? Me too, and especially because it suits my modern lifestyle very well.