Bamboo blind – practical tips and trivia

bamboo roller blind shade green fabric

How to find and buy the best bamboo roller blind for your home

Think about how to reduce the amount of sunlight in your room? Do you often think about how you can decorate your window at the same time? Would you like to achieve more privacy? If you answer these questions with yes, then the bamboo blind is probably the right solution for you.

Good quality bamboo blinds are perfect when it comes to shade and at the same time they create a cozy atmosphere in the room where you want to relax or work. The best bamboo blinds also have a chic design and will create a stylish ambience. Many bamboo blinds look like a work of art and thus serve as decoration in the house.

What types of bamboo roller blind are there?

bamboo blind rolled up kitchen grange tendril pattern

One of the common types are the bamboo blinds for rolling up. With these you can easily adjust the length with the aid of a straw rod and thus also control the intensity of the light. Another well-known species is the Roman blind. This reminds a bit of the wooden blind. It consists of several layers of wider bamboo boards. The classic look of the Roman blind fits perfectly with most interior styles. Apart from the horizontal bamboo blinds, there are also the verticals. They are recommended for larger windows and can even be attached to sliding doors.

Kitchen furniture with bamboo blinds in natural colors

bamboo blind roll up kitchen nature color

Bamboo blinds are available in different colors. If you choose the natural color, you will give your room an elegant and brighter flair. But there are bamboo blinds in mahogany, in honey color or in light brown, for example. Depending on what effect you achieve, you can opt for the right window blind. You can also find bamboo blinds that have a specific pattern or image in the shops. There are some that are Japanese-style or those with portraits of famous people. As you can see for yourself when it comes to bamboo blinds, you have a wide choice. Think about it very well and search the internet for designs and colors. This will also make it easier to find the right bamboo blinds for your home.

Elegant in black

bamboo rollo rolled up dark black

Bamboo blinds are a perfect match for turquoise

bamboo rollo rolled turquoise sofa pattern curtains

Fine bamboo blinds with stylized flowers

bamboo rollo flowers pattern white

The bright roller blind color corresponds to the bathtub base

bamboo rollo boards bright

Dark brown looks very noble

bamboo rollo dark brown boards

Bamboo in natural color can be combined with dark blue and rattan

bamboo blind tightly rolled up navy blue couch

So you control the daylight as you wish

bamboo rollo spring branches white armchair

Vertical bamboo rollers are suitable for your sliding doors

bamboo blind light brown sliding doors

Cozy in the living room

Roll up bamboo rollo natural color

Quaint and elegant at the same time

bamboo blind natural rattan sofa

Bamboo dresser and leather sofa

bamboo blind roman shade dark brown

Classic roman blind from bamboo

bamboo blind Roman shade wood

A cozy ambience in the dining room

bamboo rollo raffrollo wooden chairs dinning room

A great sitting area with Roman blinds made of bamboo

bamboo rollo raffrollo rattan chest

Bamboo can be perfectly combined with fabric blinds

bamboo rollo roman shade fabric orange pattern

The black edge of the window blinds and the picture frames are completely in line

bamboo rollo black edge kitchen

Bamboo as a privacy screen

bamboo rollo vertical large natural colors

Wicker furniture and bamboo blinds

bamboo rollo curtains door lantern

Bamboo blinds can also be safely combined with leather

bamboo rollo living room fireplace

Subtle and modern with bamboo

bamboo rollo padded couch